Sunday Morning Groups & Classes

Groups & Classes

It is our desire to create and atmosphere for learning in a setting where it is presented in a very real and relevant way to everyone. So we have designed our classes in age groups for the younger generation and created multiple classes for the adult audience to choose where they fit best. It's your call. Visit any class and pick the setting that works best for you. Our current classes are listed in this section with a little bit about each one.



Our nursery is designed for ages 0 through 2 years of age. The facility is clean and safe and we offer pagers to parents so they can be reached any time if it is deemed necessary.

Preschool Children

Children ages 3 years through 6 years of age will enjoy the preschool class where fun and interactive methods are used by trained teaching professionals to teach Bible stories to them in a fun-filled atmosphere.

Children's Class

1st grade through 6th grade have a great time as they are also taught by trained and qualified teaching staff. Crafts are often an integral part of the lessons giving them activities with their hands as well as their minds.

Alta Youth

Alta youth are an energetic group of young people from various Middle School and High Schools. They are creative and their instructor Marquise Blade brings a great deal of variety and fun to the class. 

Adult #1

Pastor Tim Peery teaches this class. There have been people of all ages in this class. It is mostly younger adults, some married and some single. Most all are working individuals with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. It is a great place to start.

Adult #2

It has been said by more than one person,  "This is the best Bible study class I have ever sat in." This class is led by Dan Gallagher who is one of the finest teachers you will ever run across. There is always deep thought and understanding shared in the class, but Dan not only teaches but draws wisdom and insight from the students in the class as well.