God's Free Gift to You

Where would you go if you died today?

Most people believe they would go to Heaven. But how can you be sure? Many people think they will go to Heaven because of their religion, heritage, upbringing, social status, or simply because they are a better than average person. However, the Bible is very clear on this subject. If you’re not absolutely sure you are headed to Heaven, please take a serious look at the following and you will see for yourself, that you really can be sure you’re headed to Heaven.

Does God want you in Heaven?

Absolutely. If he didn’t, would he have sent his only son (Jesus Christ) to be persecuted and to die on the cross for you?
The first thing you must do is to realize you are a sinner. For some of us this is very easy. For others, we struggle with this fact as we don’t see ourselves as “bad people”. But the fact of the matter is,  we are all sinners, whether we consider ourselves good or bad people.

Now we know we are all sinners, so now what? Well, it’s important to know that it's because of sin that we all die. It is a fact that the death rate is 100% and we will all die, but what happens when we die? Simply put, we either go to Heaven or Hell. The beauty of it all is that God has provided us a free gift. But just like any other gift, you must accept it to enjoy the benefits of  it.

We are all sinners

We have established the fact that we are all sinners, we all die, and that God has provided us with the free gift of eternal life – so now what? Well, we must accept the gift by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ. As you read this Bible verse, please note there is no mention of any type of religious ceremony, Church membership, or anything else — all that’s necessary is believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sounds too good to be true?

Admittedly, simply believing on the Lord Jesus Christ sounds too good to be true. But the Bible is very clear that by grace we are saved through faith. In other words, you can not earn your way into Heaven. No amount of good deeds, good works, religion, or simply being better than the average person is going to get you saved (into Heaven). You must accept Gods free gift.

So how do you accept God’s free gift?

Read Romans chapter 10, verse 9. It just can’t be made any more plain than this. Many people believe that they are sinners, they are going to die, and that God has provided an opportunity to get people to Heaven. But many people also believe they have sinned too much or there is no room in Heaven for them. Romans chapter 10, verse 13 dispels this by spelling out each of our names as “whosoever”. There are no strings attached, minimum qualifications, or other such nonsense. We can all be a “whosoever”.

Call upon the name of the Lord

Once you have called upon the name of the Lord to be saved, you are guaranteed eternal life with Him.

Many people realize they are sinners, they are going to die, that God sent his only Son to die on the cross for our sins, and that they must accept God’s free gift of eternal security and salvation. However, they wait to accept the free gift. Why? If you’re not saved, or if you’re not 100% sure you will be going to Heaven when you die, what are you waiting for? You never know what’s going to happen to you in this uncertain world.

If you’re not saved, or if you’re not 100% sure you’re headed to Heaven when you die, won’t you please listen to your heart? I believe there is a reason you’ve been reading this. God is standing at the door of your heart and asking you to open the door and let him in.

Are you ready to accept God’s free gift now?

If so, simply go to him in prayer and ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart. Admit you are a sinner and acknowledge that you know Jesus died on the cross for your sins. Acknowledge you know there is no other way to get to Heaven than to accept God’s free gift and you totally trust in the finished work of his son, Jesus Christ. Once you have done this, you will be saved.

So now what?

God has many Blessings in store for you. Once you have accepted God’s free gift, you can be assured you will spend eternity in Heaven. This is the greatest Blessing you will ever receive. However, to better understand all of God’s Blessings, you should read His Words daily in the Bible, join a good Bible Believing Church where you can learn and grow in the Christian Faith, surround yourself with other believers, and be sure to share your new found knowledge with others.


God Bless You.