Alta Christian Seminary

A place where students can gather once a week and have great Christian fellowship as well as learn, grow, and stretch their faith.

Where we came from

In 2012 Pastor Tim Peery began talking with Alta High School about providing a Christian Seminary program to minister to and equip the students of Alta. For two years he prayed about the ministry and met with officials from the school but could not seem to get any cooperation to get the program launched. In February of 2014, after hearing about a similar program being started in Cedar City,  Eric Johnson approached Pastor Peery about the possibility of helping start a program in Alta Canyon Baptist Church. The two began to do more research and found that it was possible to launch the program without having to go through the High School administration. They began to develop their plan and syllabus and in January of 2015 the program launched its first semester of classes with an attendance of 4 students. The ministry continues to grow and now  has about 16 participants. 


1. P rovide a safe place for Alta High School students to gather once a week and have Christian fellowship.

2. A llow Christian students to stretch their faith.

3.emind students about the importance of owning their own faith.

4. tudy God's Word weekly as students grow in understanding of what He wants for us and our lives.

5. quip students to withstand the Devil and the many ways to fall short of what God has for us.

Alumni Speak


Alta Christian Seminary has prepared me for the spiritual battles that will be faced outside of the home. I don’t have to question my faith when challenged and I know how to defend it thanks to the teachings from Eric and Tim. The lessons were short and easy to learn and information dense. You not only feel prepared,  but you are prepared for any spiritual challenge life throws your way. Even if you come to a crossroads,  the support system is so deep that your answer is just a text or phone call away.