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Local Volunteers
You can be a part of the Concern Center family. In fact, without you, we are not quite the family that we want to be. We are able to reach out to the community thanks to the service of individuals, families, civic organizations, churches, businesses, and schools. Please contact us if you or a group would like to help volunteer. If you are already a part of our mission family, then we hope this site helps you stay connected and informed as well, and we can't thank you enough for all you do! 

This position requires basic computers skills and the person should be a strong Christian, willing and able to share Jesus. The interviewer reviews with the client the information we have in their file or if a new client enters their information into our system. This person is the key person in sharing Jesus with our clients. 

Truck Unloading:
The position requires lifting of items up to 50 pounds. Trucks arrive on Monday about 1:00 PM, Thursday about 11:00 AM and on Friday about 9:00 AM. The task takes about 1 hour to complete.

This position may require lifting of items up to 50 pounds. This person will be keeping our shelves stocked with items from our walk-in cooler, freezer, and back room. The need is during all our open hours.

Shopping Assistance:
This person assists our clients with their selection of groceries. Our person shows the client what we have and tells them how much of each item they can have based on their family size. Since this person is in direct contact with our clients, they too should be a strong Christian willing and able to share Jesus. This need is also during all our open hours.

Donation Sorting:
This person goes through all of the donations we receive and places those we elect to keep in our clothing area. This need is also during all our open hours.

You can make arrangements to volunteer by contacting:

Salt Lake Baptist Association
PO Box 18894,
Salt Lake City, UT 84118
Ron Clement: 801.380.6494 
Diane Clement: 719.494.4160

Volunteers Needed!

Bringing Hope to Crisis

When you’ve seen a disaster on the news in the last 50 years, what you may not have seen is the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) volunteers who were already on the scene—and they remained long after news cameras left town. As the third-largest disaster response team in the nation, this network of state-based volunteers teams does more than just clean up; they bring the healing of Christ to those whose lives have been shattered.

You can learn more and become involved in local disaster relief ministry by clicking the link below.

Bring Hope to Crisis

Volunteers Needed!

sm abel preaching

The mission of Baptist Mission Southeast Haiti is to transform lives by faithfully proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, providing care for orphaned children, creating opportunities for a better education, and planting churches in areas where few are connected to the Christian faith.

Pastor Abel Barthelemy was born and raised in Jacmel, Haiti. After his conversion to Christ, Abel began his theological training at the Missionary Evangelical Baptist Mission in Port-au-Prince. Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree, he moved to Dubois North Haiti and established a church and school that now helps educate more than 600 students. Abel soon felt called to further his education and together with his family, moved to Louisville, KY. At Boyce College, he was able to receive a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Missions, with special emphasis on training pastors and nurturing church planters.

Baptist Mission Southeast Haiti engages volunteers in a Christ-centered mission that has provided healing and hope for nearly two decades.

We will be planning trips to continue to assist in this mission ministry. If you are interested in joining in on a future trip to Haiti to work with this ministry, click on the button below and complete the form provided. You will be put on the list for future trips and will receive updates.